I plan on making Nendoroid custom dolls for myself as a Gothickangel and for the main character in my Darkngiht Manga – Lily Knight. Gothickangel will have two interchangeable options. One that represents my First Nations name and other other a Goth Angel. Lily Knight will have 3 options. 3 interchangeable hairs which include one with horns, one with some face armor and one normal face.
To create them:
Polymer Clay, Sewing, Painting and some Oil Pastels.
I am doing these to change up my eye, neck and brain physio and recovery more. I will be getting help for the sewing.
I will post updates here until they are completed.

If you want to buy your own and make them. Here is the Official Japanese Site GOOD SMILE.
Or if you want to buy it from a local supplier like I did. Here is a store out of Toronto. Navito World