Toronto bist art gallery manga illustration

Toronto BIST Brain Injury Art Gallery Piece - Hollow Screams. Created in Clip Studio Paint. A banshee. The whole piece represents the struggles with a brain injury and the world lost.

NLCC Glorious print & logo commission

Navy League of Canada Cadets - Event Booklet and Revamped v2023 Logo. Recreated to become a resizeable vector from an outdated raster design.

wordpress elementor pro theme commission

Navy League of Canada Cadets - Wordpress theme. Recreated from Themler theme. Elementor free version. Events / Donations / Galleries / And More.

Sun, Stars & Space Stencils

Created stencils for space, a sun and stars to be used in painting decor. The actual sun image is very large, meant for a full wall and very detailed. It will be included with a room design.


This porfolio goes back over 20 years. Ranging from personal projects and commissions to volunterring. It includes designs for small business’ to large companies located within Canada and the US.
I added the best of the best throughout the years. Older designs to show progress and changes to my styles, skill and techniques.

Some illustrations are rated M14+ (In Canadian Ratings) for mature content. There is no 🔞 adult content.

My LinkedIn Resume includes a more detailed profile of my background, software I’ve used, education, community involvement and more. There will be some gaps in my resume due to my permanent disablity, I received from others 11 years ago. While I adapt to assistive software and aquire new techniques.

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Toronto Art Gallery Show
2022 – ‘Vertigo in Motion’ Digital Illustration
2024 – ‘Brain On Fire’ Clay Sculpture

Mixed Media Category
2021 – ‘Lily Knight’ Polymer Clay Doll
2024 – ‘Frozen Wolf Shaman’ Clay Doll

2011 — ‘Seryhon’
Amateur animation contest. Created with Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop. An animated short based on an original character of mine.

some past clients


Merri Perra
Merri Perra
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When I look at it, it pulls me in. The combination of shapes and colours create depth and the 'being' seems to look out beyond the frame with a compelling mix of pain, anger, frustration, even shock, but also discovery.
Klara Szigethy
Klara Szigethy
Klarity 13
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Very creative works of art. A must see!
Jacob Humphrey
Jacob Humphrey
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Great quality, very reliable, and quite affordable!
Joe White
Joe White
Retired Vetern
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Creativity in design and layout.