Toronto bist art gallery manga illustration

Toronto BIST Brain Injury Art Gallery Piece - Hollow Screams. Created in Clip Studio Paint. A banshee. The whole piece represents the struggles with a brain injury and the world lost.

NLCC Glorious print & logo commission

Navy League of Canada Cadets - Event Booklet and Revamped v2023 Logo. Recreated to become a resizeable vector from an outdated raster design.

wordpress elementor pro theme commission

Navy League of Canada Cadets - Wordpress theme. Recreated from Themler theme. Elementor free version. Events / Donations / Galleries / And More.

Sun, Stars & Space Stencils

Created stencils for space, a sun and stars to be used in painting decor. The actual sun image is very large, meant for a full wall and very detailed. It will be included with a room design.


I am a small Canadian studio and over the past 20 years I have created many styles and designs using digital and mixed media art. From personal projects and commissions to volunteering. I have also done artwork and designs for small business’ to large companies located within Canada and the US.

My newest venture is the creation of my Darknight Manga which has over 85k views. And my Kreature Kollection, which is polymer clay figurines and charms.
My artworks theme balances both light and dark. ‘Darkness doesn’t always mean evil and light not always divine.

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BIST Toronto Brain Injury Art Gallery Submission 2024

My 2024 submission to the BIST Toronto Brain Injury Art Gallery Show.The link to the online event and the in person large event at the gallery can be found HERE Note: The website updates frequently. Submissions are still being accepted as long as there is space. The illustration piece information:Illustration...

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New Studio & Manga ReVamp Coming 2024

Sorry I have been less active in my studio much since October 2022. The MVA I had 11 years ago (others caused) the physical and brain injuries that are permament had alot of flare ups. Doctor and Specialist appointments. Almost dying due to medical care neglect. Realigning my warped S...

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NO AI! Its Illegally Stealing Artwork

AI is currently being investigated for stealing artwork illegaly online by scraping the digital content. Under the premise of "its only for research purposes". Current Lawsuits: Mid Journey and Deviant Art have a class action lawsuit against them. And currently other software and apps are being looked into. Some deceased...

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