Toronto Brain Injury Art Gallery Submission 2024

My 2024 submission to the BIST Toronto Brain Injury Art Gallery Show.
The link to the main site, online event and the in person large event at the gallery can be found HERE
The link to the Virtual Event where my art piece is, is HERE
The link to the In Person Event and where to find my art piece on the main floor is HERE.
Note: The website updates frequently. Submissions are still being accepted as long as there is space.

The illustration piece information:
Illustration Name: Hollow Screams
Illustration Bio: I chose to do a depiction of my inner pain and darkness. Dealing with a TBI, epilepsy and cervical spine damage.
A woman shrieking in the shadows as a lost soul. Looking, reaching above for some sort of light of hope. A broken body and mind, crying out for help and for someone to hear me. Ever wandering outside the world, watching it go by. Bound to my location and remain in isolation. My mobility makes me feel like floating, thus the no use for legs. Many fear me and avoid me…
In life I was too broken for relationships, to travel and experience many joys I never got to have. As a spirit I slowly decay to nothing as the pain continues.

Accessibility DV: A woman in torn and tattered clothing with no legs and a skeletal hand reaches up. Screaming with an agonizing face of pain and sorrow. She swirls blue energy and magic around her body. The environment around her is darkness and shadows within a nighttime forest.

I was honoured when they used my 2022 submission as that years past gallery album cover.
Screenshot included below.