NO AI! Its Illegally Stealing Artwork

AI is currently being investigated for stealing artwork illegaly online by scraping the digital content. Under the premise of “its only for research purposes”.

Current Lawsuits: Mid Journey and Deviant Art have a class action lawsuit against them. And currently other software and apps are being looked into. Some deceased popular artists have families sewing setting up class action lawsuits as well. Slowly setting into place new laws against copyrighted material.
Stealing the artwork designs then selling it as their own from AI created manga, to merch items, to illustrations to resell graphics and website designs and more.
Ive always kept posted my artwork online with my logo and a string of text. It makes the artworks detail harder to see but it helped with my designs being resold illegally on merch sites. Apparently if you have your stuff water marked over-exaggerated like it will show up on the AI design as well.

Art Communities and Illustration Sofware Taking Stands: Art Station and Clip Studio Paint have begun cracking down on AI art posted on their social media platforms. Some even pulling back and not even adding in AI type programs in their software.
I’ll update this blog as new information comes up.