New Studio & Manga ReVamp Coming 2024

Sorry I have been less active in my studio much since October 2022. The MVA I had 11 years ago (others caused) the physical and brain injuries that are permament had alot of flare ups. Doctor and Specialist appointments. Almost dying due to medical care neglect. Realigning my warped S shaped spine to more natural. Which caused chronic pain. And cluster siezures. I am now being tried on a new diet, medication and physio exercises.
But during that down time I did some thinking and brainstorming while I rested. I aleady changed my studio domain name ‘gothickangel’ Ive used since 2002 online to a shorter modern version. ‘gastudios’.
Then update the theme, galleries, content and merch shops. Overhaul my commissions section. Then lasty move my manga and my new nsfw manga to its own domain. Its really picked up readers and subscribers and the views combined are over 85k now. I want to make it more easy to access more about what the manga is and proper manga setup in WordPress.
Please be patient with me, my sight issues, seizures and disabiltiies make it rough at times. But I always get my projects done.