BIST – Brain Injury Art Gallery Show

My subbmission into the Expressive Art Show in Toronto was approved. I live about 3 hours away and car rides trigger my seizures. Plus the pandemic is still going on. So it was done remotely. I will also be having a volunteer take some video and pictures of where it will be hanging up. Many venues to go see and be part of.
Below is what my design looks like. Its much different than what I usually create because it is from my recovery journal. Its called Vertigo in Motion. The synopsis: I suffer from spinning room vertigo badly. Due to nerve damage swelling and seizures. Reading, writing, watching tv/movies even daily motion of walking can trigger it. I have severe motion sensativity. The eyes are on slits and rotators and have like googley eyes kinda feel. While myself and the world around me moves in violent circles.