Gothickangel Studios 20th Anniversary

Gothickangel Studios has been around since October 2002. Started off as Gothickangel to Gothickangel Multimedia then to Gothickangel Studios. Content used to just be my portfolio and resume and eventually built up to a whole list of past clients. Some well known, some smaller business’ and volunteering.

I have worked for people in Ireland, the US and here in Canada. A manga comic, commissions, merch shops, networking and more. Below is what the one of the early themes used to look like.

The free hosting was on then switched over to a friends company from high school as .net then in the 2010s and up my best friends hosting provider at THOUGHTBLOOM using a Canadian domain .ca, back then the domain was too expensive.

Soon hoping to add a better shopping experience, once I learn eCommerce. And creating my ETSY shop with merch hand made here in Canada.